An Audience in Silent Awe

The Borealis String Quartet performance on November 17th at the Capitol Theatre in Nelson, BC was first class from beginning to end starting with Hayden’s String Quartet in G Major. Haydn, being the father of the string quartet, writing over 80 works, established the conversational style of music between the four instruments. The Borealis String Quartet chatted intimately together sharing chords and rests with precision. The piece came to life with melodic violin lines dancing ever so smoothly above the other violin, viola and cello. The pause between movements held a silence filled with awe. This silence spoke of the power of the music.

Dimitri Shostakovich and his hopeless, frustrated, morose, dramatic way of being penetrated his String Quartet No. 8. The piece told the story of battle with march-like rhythms shifting effortlessly into transcending lines of musical genius and hope. If you weren’t already a fan of Shostakovich this piece would have certainly won you over. Bravo!
The monumental quartet of Beethoven’s, the String Quartet in A Minor, depicted Beethoven’s state at that time of his life (1825). His health was diminishing but at the same time he saw light and hope conveyed in uplifting rich sections that spoke of God and the heavens above.
Every piece was musical perfection. The Borealis String quarter was exceptional and for a small theatre, that was full to the brim, the audience gave a roaring applause and standing ovation. The evening ended with a lively tango and of course more applause. Thank you Nelson Overture Concert Society for a memorable evening.

Nelson Kootenay Lake
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